Giving Thanks: From Clients' Perspective

Giving Thanks

If you're like many people preparing for this Thanksgiving holiday, right about now you're checking your menu over and over again. All the pieces are there: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (OK - that's a holiday staple at my house!), and all the fixings for a great finish with pumpkin pie.

It's quite a bounty! The feast will certainly be festive.

But it's what we give thanksĀ forĀ this time each year that matters the most, I think. For the men and women MHRS serves through our contract providers, there's a lot for which they give thanks. See if it matches anything that you are thinking of right now:

"Sobriety, Clean Acres, family, freedom, second chance and (Alcoholics Anonymous)."

"Having a new way to live."

"My freedom and being alive."

"Being in recovery housing to learn how to live without substances."

"I am thankful that Compeer has provided the opportunity for me to meet individuals to hang out with that are familiar with mental illness."

In those words, there is hope. There is healing. And there is real gratitude for a new chance at living a life that promises good things. For many of them, getting to this day may have been a real struggle. Wrestling with mental illness or addiction is not easy. But when they want it, recovery makes this holiday even sweeter.

We wish you all the bounty and blessings of love and togetherness that Thanksgiving can bring!