real men reach out

September 16, 2019  |  men, Suicide awareness, Suicide prevention
men reach out

It's not just happening in the U.S.

Men die by suicide in greater numbers across many countries. In Canada, for example, more than 3700 men died by suicide in 2011, and the numbers haven't been kinder since. The reasons are many - issues around family, health, jobs, and more.

Which is why throughout September, as we mark Suicide Prevention Month, we at MHRS have turned to the issue of men taking their lives in greater numbers. Across our two-county service area, men are by far the most successful at taking their own lives. Since 2001, we've seen nearly 400 male deaths by suicide versus 60 among females.

That's alarming - but not without hope.

We can make a difference in helping one another. Reach out periodically to talk with your friends, family, and co-workers. Ask them how they are doing. One question can open so many doors!

While you're at it, sign up to learn intervention techniques through a QPR class. This month we've joined a 13-county group across Ohio to train as many people in Question, Persuade, Refer as possible. You can sign up to host a training session with your organization, find a training session in your area, or take it online. Get more info at

And visit our website for resources on preventing suicide. Get involved with the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Warren County or help a coalition get off the ground in Clinton County. For more about coalitions, contact us at (513) 695-1695.

We can all do our part to help the men in our lives - as well as others we love - see their worth and keep living.