Call for Help

Need Help Now?

If you're experiencing anxiety, depression or have been feeling down for 2 weeks or more, it's proabably time to ask for bhelp. Talk to someone right now by dialing 9-8-8 or the local hotline at 877-695-6333.

local mental health addiction treatment support

Help, Support, Prevention

Our job as a board is to ensure that services are available for residents of Warren & Clinton Counties to treat and recover from mental illness and addiction. Explore our website for agencies and resources to learn about mental illness, addiction, and ways to support family and friends in treatment.

MHRB explainer video

How to find a therapist

Have you decided to seek therapy or talk with someone about a mental health or addiction concern? Check out our new video for things to consider in your search.

crisis text line

Crisis Text Line

This free, confidential service is available to anyone with a mobile device. Text "4hope" to 741741 to get started.

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