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mental wellness

What is 'mental wellness'?

Contrasted with mental illness, mental wellness is what comes from feeling balanced, connected to others, and ready to meet life's challenges. It also coincides with physical health. eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and staying active all help to improve and maintain your emotional health, too.

What are examples of mental wellness?

There are many! Just a few are finding the positives in life, doing things like walking or hiking, eating and sleeping well, and taking breaks during your work day. Any of these, alone or in combination, can increase that sense of well-being in your life - and in turn reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

What can I do?

Lots of things! Here are some:

  • Do things to cope with everyday stress. Take up exercise, do yoga, or just take a walk.
  • Get quality sleep. Make sure you are going to bed at about the same time each night so you get enough sleep.
  • Strengthen your social connections. It doesn't have to be romantic, but healthy relationshps with friends, family, neighbors and others influence how we feel about ourselves. And that can protect our health, too.
  • Be mindful. Be completely aware of your present and all that is happening in the moment. Deep breathing or taking a stroll are great options for this!