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Client Rights as Consumers of Publicly Funded Services

MHRBWCC believes that everyone who applies for services in our system has rights. These Client Rights are available for you to read and print if you'd like.

In addition, we have developed a Notice of Privacy Practices for you to review.

Individuals and groups interested in further information or presentations regarding these rights and the grievance procedure may contact the MHRBWCC Client Rights Officer at 513-695-1695.

Likewise, each of our contract providers has a Client Rights Officer who is responsible for ensuring your rights at the agency level. They are also available to assist with resolving problems or concerns related to your rights.

Network Benefit Plan

The Network Benefit Plan for clients outlines benefits that MHRBWCC provides to residents of Warren & Clinton Counties through our network of providers. Each provider also has copies of this document. We provide it here as well for your convenience.

Network Benefit Plan