About Us

Our Mission

The mission of MHRBWCC is to share hope and caring to achieve recovery from mental illness, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Our expectations for recovery include the acquisition of meaningful roles, sobriety, healthy relationships with friends and family, and a joyful life.

Our system supports communities in Clinton and Warren Counties as they respond to behavioral health issues through prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and asset building services.

Our Vision

We will set the standard for excellence in delivering behavioral healthcare. Everyone who provides or receives services in the MHRS system will:

  • actively engage their talents to promote the common vision of recovery
  • anticipate and respond to the emerging needs of our community
  • offer or accept services wherever people live, work, or play
  • demonstrate abilities exceeding local, state, and national standards

Our Values

We believe in a stated system of standards and values consistent with professional conduct delivered with compassion and respect. 

  • Good stewardship.  We believe that we are responsible to the general community for providing quality services relevant to the needs of service customers. 
  • A foundation of integrity.  Our integrity is expressed through our commitment to be open and honest with our community, employees and our customers.  
  • Investment in our employees.  We promote continuous efforts to learn, improve and implement best practices to better address the needs of our customers. 
  • Interdependence of providers.  Our providers are interdependent, each with an integral part to play in the recovery of our customers.  What we provide together is greater than that which any of us can provide alone. 
  • A new vision of communities.  We believe that communities should be characterized by tolerance, appreciation of diversity, creativity and adaptability to the emerging and changing needs of its members.