A Simple Reminder

May 28, 2014

by Michelle Rolf

This month I received a simple reminder that the little things we do can make the biggest difference.  Compeer has a client that has been with us since the beginning of the program in Clinton County.  She is only in her 60’s, but not in very good health.  She choked and it has resulted in her loosing brain functioning and being released into hospice care.   I have been amazed at how our Compeer friends have pulled together by visiting her in the hospital (even though she is heavily sedated), praying, calling to see how she is, and generally showing true concern.  When I went to visit, her family told me how much she talked about me and the Compeer program and how important it is to her.  

One thing that stands out to me is this: One time I had a Compeer walking activity.  It turned out to only be me, my son (who was maybe 3 at the time) and Karen.  I was disappointed that more people didn’t show up, but we decided to go for our walk anyway.  At our 10th anniversary banquet for Compeer, we went around the room and shared our favorite Compeer memory.  Out of all of the things we had done, like pottery, crafts, parties, sporting events, and festivals, Karen’s favorite memory was that walk many years ago!  She went on about how Braden, my son, was hopping like a frog and how enjoyable that was to her to have that time with us.

I learned a lot of lessons through that. This is a lesson about how everyone perceives things differently.  For me, I was disappointed that the turn out was low.  For Karen, she was happy to have that special, undivided attention.  I learned it wasn’t always about numbers, but sometimes things work out exactly how they are supposed to and the people who need it most will be there.  I also learned that the little things in life really do make a difference; sometimes it’s as simple as two women laughing at a kid acting like a frog.  Unfortunately she continues to decline in her health. However, she knows that she has a special place in the hearts of her Compeer friends among whom she is dearly loved.