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Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Month

The world is dealing with a lot right now. Coronavirus has taken over lives - more accurately, it's upended them. And while we try to make sense of what our new "normal" will be, people are finding ways to cope with the

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Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

drug facts week

January 21, 2020  |  Addiction, Alcohol, Alcoholic, Drugs, Recovery, Rx drugs, treatment

We've heard it so many times before, but it never gets old or stops being relevant.   Know the facts and help stop addiction.   I know the message is out there all the time. We put it there to be seen, read, and

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Alcohol Breath Tests: How Do They Work?

You've likely read a lot about sobriety checkpoints. News accounts usually showcase officers at a specified location stopping cars as they come through, administering a breathalyzer test to ensure people aren't driving

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Researching Mental Health & Addiction Services

It\'s a big milestone to acknowledge the need for help to work through a mental illness or addiction and start on the road to recovery. If you\'re there, or if you\'re looking for information to help a loved one, the

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Alcohol Awareness Month: Let's Talk!

When it comes to alcohol use,  you may not hear about a lot of conversations about the topic among families and friends.  But that's probably not quite accurate. According to a recent Substance Abuse and

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Counseling: It's Not What You May Think

As I sat down to dinner last week with a friend and former co-worker, catching up after not seeing each other for a few months, the usual topics got covered: family, travel, other former co-workers.

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