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talking with kids about vaping

3 Tips for Talking to Teens About Vaping

March 25, 2024  |  teens, vaping

  3 Tips for Talking to Teens About Vaping    It may seem like vaping is a passing trend or a harmless alternative to smoking. In reality, it’s a growing health concern, especially for teens who

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friends helping friends

on being helpful

Last weekend the Dayton Daily News published a story about a young girl who took her own life shortly after COVID-19 shut things down last March. That got me to thinking - are people taking time to check in on friends

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talking to teens coronavirus

your teens mental health

June 23, 2020  |  Anxiety, coronavirus, Depression, teens

It's been a difficult few months for all of us under stay-at-home orders while coronavirus runs rampant through our communities. We've seen restlessness among Americans, both locally and across the country, who want

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Parents talk with teens

Talking with Teens About Dating Violence

Over the past few weeks, we've joined with the Violence Free Coalition to share messages around Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Each February, we devote attention to what healthy dating relationships look like and

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