Anxious, Concerned and in Crisis? Good Listeners are a Call Away

Everyone experiences anxiety or depression now and again. Things happen - breakups, failing a test or not getting a promotion at work, for example - that just make us feel down in the dumps.

It's when those feelings last longer and you don't feel like you're bouncing back that should set off an alarm. There are times when the feelings just hang on and it feels like you're just not going to move forward.

But help is close at hand. The Crisis Hotline that serves residents of Warren and Clinton Counties has trained staff on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with some tips, information, and a really good ear to listen to you.

In an interview with the crisis line's assistant director, he said people call for any number of reasons. There are some standouts, though: they are in crisis, or they are looking for information, or even a little of both. You can watch that interview to get a look inside the hotline and what it's like to call.

Think about what might make you call, or think about what you've seen in others that might give you pause to think about suggesting they do so. The ultimate goal is to help you or your friend get through whatever it is that's causing that depressed or anxious feeling to stay with them. Find out what you can do to help, and make a difference!