Be One of Us

Alcohol Awareness Month

You may have heard it from friends or family members before when you're having a drink:

"I'm just having one."

But is it really? Truth be told, the amount of alcohol in one beer is different from the amount of alcohol in one glass or wine. Or one glass of a mixed drink.

That's part of the point of Alcohol Awareness Month. When we take time to learn about what makes "one drink" different from others, and how those drinks affect men and women differenly, we can learn to make better decisions about our drinking - or whether to even drink at all.

Barbara Adams Marin, who leads prevention services at Talbert House, talked with me recently about this month's observance, as well as their new initiative, Be One of Us. You can take a listen on our podcast site.

The "Be One of Us" campaign features information at local restaurants. They also discussed the initiative on "The Lebanon Channel". We encourage you to learn all you can during this month and be more informed about alcohol.