Before it Starts: Preventing Addiction

We've seen a lot in the news over the past several weeks about the effects of addiction. Opiates and other drugs - not to mention alcoholism and other addictions - are taking their toll. The media are filled with reports of people overdosing, even dying.

Now, though, we are starting to see more focus on preventing addiction. Groups are taking time to hold informational sessions to show people how to spot an overdose, even offer ways to help through overdose reversal drugs like Naloxone. Kits are being distributed to families that are dealing with a loved one's addiction so they can be prepared if an overdose happens.

What you may not know much about, though, are the prevention efforts of coalitions across Warren and Clinton Counties. Groups like the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Warren County are working in the community and in schools to help people learn about the consequences of using drugs. They encourage good choices and offer opportunities to learn.

Check out the Coalition's Facebook page for more local information. You'll find other good resources from Pieces 2 Prevention. While the titles include Warren County, the information is also very relevant to Clinton County residents, too. There are also groups forming in Clinton County to tackle addiction information and prevention.

It's all about caring for one another, for ensuring that everyone has a chance to live the lives they want. It's part of the growing prevention efforts in our two-county service area. Watch our website, social media, and other outlets for future prevention learning opportunities, too.