Can Gambling be a Big Problem? You Bet

March is Problem Gambling Month

Maybe you've seen it in someone you love - always heading to the casino, but always looking to borrow money. Or maybe you know they've lied about what's going on with their finances because of a gambling habit. That person might even want to stop gambling, but somehow can't.

These are some of the signs of problem gambling. During the month of March, MHRS and its fellow boards of mental health and addiction services across Ohio will focus on what problem gambling looks like, including some warning signs, as well as what treatments are available to help. Let's start with a couple of the signs:

  1. Lying. People with a gambling problem will often try to hid it from others. They start lying about where they go, who they are with, and more to the people who love them - spouses, friends, families, coworkers.
  2. Borrowing money. When gambling eats up their own finances, problem gamblers often start borrowing from family, friends, coworkers, even strangers. They probably won't tell you what the real reason for borrowing that money is, either. Some might even max out credit cards to feed their habit.
  3. An inability to stop. They might know they should stop, but even though they want to quit they can't.

These are just a few of the signs. We'll review a lot more throughout the month on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you need help, or know of someone who does, check our website for resources or call our partner agencies with questions.