Coping with Nicotine Cravings for Teens Who Want to Quit Vaping

February 28, 2024  |  mental health, Recovery, substance abuse, vaping
coping with nicotine cravings

How to Cope with Nicotine Cravings:

Tips for Teens Who Want to Quit Vaping

Whether it’s for your health, to save money, or simply a desire to take back control of your daily life, there are many positive reasons to quit vaping nicotine.

Here’s one more great reason to ditch the vape: Quitting nicotine can lead to reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. This can be a powerful way to improve your mental well-being and quality of life!

Deciding to quit vaping is the first step. But what comes next? To help you get started, check out these three tips for teens who want to ditch the vape:

 #1: Understand Your Vaping Triggers

Different social situations, emotions, and even times of the day can trigger your urge to vape nicotine. The key is to know your vaping triggers so you can either avoid them or prepare for them. Here are a few examples of common triggers:

      Seeing someone else vape, even on social media

      Going to a party or social activity

      Drinking alcohol

      Hanging out with friends who vape

      Feeling frustrated, stressed, bored, lonely, or sad

      Daily routines such as driving or walking to class

      Downtime, like watching TV or scrolling on your phone

It’s a good idea to tell a trusted adult about your desire to quit and what triggers you. They can help you navigate these situations and stay on track.

 #2: Replace Your Vape with Healthy Habits

If you’ve been using nicotine for a while, you may experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, especially your first few days. Common nicotine withdrawal symptoms include feeling restless or irritable, having trouble concentrating, fatigue, sweating, sleeping difficulties, and hunger. 

Don’t worry — these effects will fade! In the meantime, try staying busy with one of these healthy habits and hobbies: 

      Pick up a hands-on activity, like knitting or coloring

      Go on a walk outside

      Take a dance break

      Start journaling

      Listen to music or a podcast

      Stay hydrated! Using a water bottle with a straw can replace the feeling of vaping.

 #3: Keep It Up!

Quitting vaping is not easy. If you do experience a setback, don’t give up on quitting. Remember why you wanted to quit in the first place and focus on the positives.

Want to Quit Vaping? Help is Here.

If you’re ready to quit vaping nicotine, the Mental Health Recovery Board Serving Warren & Clinton Counties (MHRB) is your starting point for help. Visit our Vaping Resources page to find more helpful tips, tools, and support.