Disasters and Mental Health: The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Watching the news from Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it\'s clear that the aftermath has deeply affected people living in the region. You can see the concern pretty prominently in some of the faces on the news, less so on others.

But sitting in Ohio, that hurricane has also affected many among us in the same way it\'s affected people who live in Harvey\'s path. We are stung by the devastation that nature has wrought on south Texas. For some among us, it cuts deeper. If you\'ve ever lived through a river flooding or something else that\'s taken your home, your possessions, even your livelihood - well, it can rip open old wounds.

There is hope and help, though. Counseling professionals urge everyone affected - both in the hurricane\'s path and people far away - to support others and know when it\'s time to get help. The Centers for Disease Control has a great page full of resources for families, children, and even emergency responders.

Here in Warren and Clinton Counties, reach out to our network of service providers. They have great professionals who care, who will listen, and who will guide you through your feelings. Let\'s do all we can to help each other.