drug facts week

January 21, 2020  |  Addiction, Alcohol, Alcoholic, Drugs, Recovery, Rx drugs, treatment
Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

We've heard it so many times before, but it never gets old or stops being relevant.


Know the facts and help stop addiction.


I know the message is out there all the time. We put it there to be seen, read, and heard. And for some it's getting through. I hear from people who say they've taken note and done things around the house to keep old and unused medications out of the wrong hands. I've heard people talk about how they tell their kids to be aware of other kids telling them to "try" an unknown medication or drug.


And yet, there's still myths to be dealt with out there, too. In my travels throughout Warren and Clinton Counties, I have heard some interesting ones. Things like:


  • It's not hard to kick an opiate addiction. It just takes will power
  • Anyone who drinks a lot is an alcoholic.
  • Club drugs don't lead to any other problems.


There's no truth to any of those statements, and yet the misinformation continues to spread via social media or even word of mouth.


The truth is, no drug should be used for anything except its expressed purpose - and even then, under watchful eyes. This week during Drug & Alcohol Facts Week, take the time to learn what you can about the myriad things people of all ages are trying. What are the drugs or alcohol most abused? What are the effects those things have on a person's body and mind? How quickly does addiction happen? What kind of help is available locally to treat addiction?


Our Prvention & Resources section on our website offers some helpful information. So does and Take a moment or two to find out and share information so we can end misuse of drugs and alcohol once and for all.