FDA Narcan otc

April 4, 2023  |  FDA, Narcan, overdose, Substance abuse

For the first time, anyone will be able to help a person in overdose with an over-the-counter version of Narcan.

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Narcan to be offered over the counter - the first Naloxone product to be offered that way as a means of helping a victim of overdose.

That's huge.

This means that anyone can get this version and keep it handy - at home, in a car, or at the office, for example - to help someone who is overdosing. The product will literally be a lifesaver.

If you have the opportunity, it will be a good time to learn how to use Narcan. While there are a number of YouTube videos on how to administer Narcan nasal spray, it is also beneficial to have hands-on training whenever it becomes available. That's something we at MHRB will be promoting when it's offered, whether with one of our provider agencies or another local organization.

It's that important.

Watch our website for more on this, as well as learning opportunities on how to use Narcan.

you might just be the person to save someone's life.