finding a therapist

Finding a therapist

It's a big step to decide you want or need to talk with someone about a mental health or addiction concern. Still, it's a GOOD step - no, a GREAT step!

But how do you go about finding the best person to talk with about this "thing" going on in your life? Where do you start?

Well, it's not easy. Think about what it was like moving to a new town and looking for a primary doctor - not the easiest search, right?

But who did you talk with for ideas? Family? Friends? Coworkers? That's where you can start for a therapist, too.

There are some great resources your employer or health insurance company should have available. Their online lists can offer some great insights into who is available, accepting new patients, and even what types of therapy they may use.

Consider your comfort level and preferences, too. Who will you be most comfortable talking to? A man or a woman? Do you want them to have any kind of religious or spiritual background? 

Just like you did with finding a doctor for your physical health, take a moment or two to "interview" a therapist. Review their credentials and training, and schedule a call to ask a few questions. Then, go ahead and make an appointment.

And remember, if you don't feel comfortable, keep talking with other therapists until uou find the right fit for you. If you have questions about an agency in our network, give us a call at (513) 695-1695 or call the agencies directly.

Wishing you good mental health!