Five Summer Self-Care Tips

June 6, 2024  |  mental health, self-care, summer
summer gardening

The Summer Solstice is coming this week, but for many of us the season is already well underway. you've likely been getting outside to enjoy some sun and fun with friends and family. That's absolutely great!

While you're at it, you should be thinking about some self-care, too. It's not must physical self-care like using sunscreen and drinking plenty of water if you're staying in the sun for long periodes of time. It's also careing for your mentla health, too.

So how do you do that in the summer heat? it's not too hard. Hree's a few tips to consider:

Minimize the stressors. Disruptions to your routine are going to happen. That's just a given. But you can limit them in some ways. Get an early start to your outside time, and plan out a few things that you want to get done.

Set up your schedule. Want to take in a concert during the summer? Thinking of attending a community event? Get them on your calendar so that you can see them coming, and plan what you can take with you to enjoy the evening (i.e., a blanket or a sweater if the weather is going to be cool).

Get some activity. Take a walk or ride a bike. you might even take a dip in the pool, too. Whatever activity you do, it can boost your mood!

Take some friends along! We are social creatures at heart, so invite a couple of friends along to enjoy the time together. 

Give yourself permission to feel good! Take time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing in the summer months. Maybe it's gardening, or perhaps you just like to work in the yard. Or maybe it's just a good time to take in a good book on the patio. Whatever you do, allow yourself to enjoy it. Winter comes all too fast again!

Ther's no limit to doing a few things for yourself. just remember to take the time to do it! Your mood willl thank you!!