Giving Thanks

November 22, 2021

It's the start of Thanksgiving Week and surely we're all thinking about those things for which we are grateful this year.

It's been a tough year for some, including me. I lost my partner at the beginning of the year. That's made for some very low moments along the way, not to mention adjusting to living alone after 20-plus years of sharing a home and life together.

But there ARE things for which I am grateful, too. My job, for one - it's terrific to be able to work with so many creative and caring people who want to help Warren and Clinton County residents recover from mental illness and/or addiction.

For another, my friends and family. They've all been my biggest supports this year and have shown me so much unconditional love. I cannot thank them enough and have so much respect for them all.

And who can forget the opportunities to travel, or just have fun around home? For those, I am so thankful. They have helped me escape the daily grind or provided some momentary solace from a world full of spit and vinegar, as my mother used to say.

So what are YOU thankful for? Make a list as you start thinking about sitting down to dinner with family and friends this Thursday. It doesn't have to be extensive or cover everything you've seen or done this year, but it should reflect those things for which you truly are happy to have experienced or shared. 

Let's all give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!