Holiday coping in the COVID age

COVID holidays

Has it really been nearly 12 months already? How time flies!

Yep - it's almost time for the holidays again. But this time, with an added twist - COVID-19.

Oh sure, it's a fun time of year ... ususally. We look forward to sharing time with family and friends, enjoying food and fun together. Only this year won't be quite that way because of COVID. We'll more than likely be celebrating in other, less "in person" ways. And for some, it will be hard on our mental health.

So how do we cope with holidays (and life) that are changed because of COVID? Mental health experts offer some tips to help:

  1. Find different ways to connect with friends and family who don't life with you. Sure, we've all been "Zooming" and "meeting" and "webinar-ing" so much it's making us weary. But these methods still provide some form of connection that makes us laugh together and feel good together. It's not the same as a touch or a hug, but it's worth it to just connect.
  2. Limit your in-person gatherings. Many health experts say that the more people, and the longer the event or stay, the greater the risk for COVID transmission - especially without precautions like a mask.
  3. Keep the infection rate of your community in mind. We're heading into a major increase in infections across the country. Be cognisant of what's happening around you.
  4. Breathe. It's important to take time away from the news and care for your own mental health. It makes many people anxious or feel extreme stress.

Some ways you can destress might be picking up a book, taking a quiet walk, taking up yoga or some other form of exercize, or even baking or cooking. There are so many options! Find the one or two that fit you.

And don't forget that the memories you make - even in the age of COVID - can bring smiles and happiness for years to come. Make the most of those times!