Holiday Pace

December 9, 2021  |  holidays, Mental health
frantic pace

Here we are, all rushing about to ensure our holiday packages get sent on time to arrive before Christmas or to pick up that one cookie ingredient we forgot on the last trip to the grovery store. It feels a little frenetic for some folks right now.

And our moods can show it.

I know - I'm guilty of being a little short with family and friends as I frantically yet methodically go through my mental list of things I still need to buy or finish. It doesn't hit me, though, until the end of the day when I have a minute to think about things before falling asleep.

And I start to feel badly.

I really need to slow down the pace a bit and be more patient. I'm trying to be more mindful of what's happening in the moment, and relax a little more as young nieces and nephews tell me what they want most for Christmas.

I think about what it is that I want, too. Maybe a little more time in the day, or a less difficult week for once. Or maybe just a little more time with the people I love because I lost some special people in my life this year. I'll never get that last bit of time with them that I want so much.

Over the next few weeks, take some time for yourself. Find ways to be a little less frenetic in your pace and a little more time to cherish the memories made this time of year.

You won't regret it!