looking forward in 2020

December 30, 2019  |  Addiction, Mental health, Recovery
Happy New Year 2020

Here we are, on the brink of a new year. It's always amazing how fast the last year has gone, isn't it? And today, with just one more day in 2019, many may be looking back at what's been achieved over that year - and thinking about what challenges and joys lie ahead.

It's not been an easy year, that's for sure. We've each faced challenges, maybe some setbacks as we've moved from one day to the next. There are always those things that make us take a fresh look at life and perhaps challenge us to rethink our approach to those things that brought us pain or difficulty. Anxieties rise and fall with those challenges, too.

But the new year will also bring with it many exciting things. We have hope for changes that bring positivity and joy. We have faith in our family, friends, and others who are helping us through the recovery process to enjoy and bring meaning to our lives.

There are many things that will challenge us in 2020, but know that we have one another to lean on as we move through those times. Together, we can do anything! And in 2020, we will! Here's to a wonderful and happy new year of working together to make life with a mental illness or addiction stronger, better, happier, and healthier!

Happy 2020 to one and all!