Ready for Fiscal Year 2021

June 19, 2020  |  Addiction, budget, Mental health

It's hard to believe, but in just a couple of weeks MHRBWCC will start a new fiscal year - and with it, add some services to benefit residents of Warren and Clinton Counties.

Our Board of Directors last week approved the $12.8 million budget for FY 2021. Services and programs will be provided through several agencies contracted to deliver them. Our work as a board is to ensure that tax dollars are used wisely to care for the mental health and addition concerns of residents in our two counties, as well as to educate and promote an understanding of good mental health and prevention of mental illness and addiction.

Under the Ohio Revised Code that governs how mental health and addiction boards operate, we plan, fund, monitor, and evaluate the local system of services to ensure quality and good treatment of clients. To that end, the providers we contract with are charged with providing data at various points of the year that enable the board to recallibrate and make changes if needed. That's our responsibility to you as taxpayers.

Some of the agencies we will contract with for FY 2021 include the following, in alphabetical order:

  • Beech Acres Parenting Center
  • Butler Behavioral Health Services
  • Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio
  • NAMI of Southwest Ohio
  • New Housing Ohio
  • Solutions Community Counseling & Recovery Centers
  • Sojourner Recovery Services
  • Talbert House
  • Women's Recovery Center

A complete list will be available in the Board Minutes section of our website when members approve the May minutes at their next meeting.