self-care is important care

October 14, 2022  |  mental health, Mindfulness, Stress

So, it's finally Friday - yay! We always seem to look forward to this day, thinking about what it will bring for each of us when all is said and done: a few days away from the work-a-day anxiety.

But don't discount the importance of time away from work. It's a great time for some self-care - you know, pampering yourself in some way that helps you relax, regroup, and rejuvenate. Think about whatever it is that gives you some enjoyment - a walk in the woods (one of my personal faves), a bubble bath, or maybe even just a little time sitting on your deck enjoying the fall colors.

When you take time for some self-care, you give yourself a gift. It helps you to consider all that is important to you and all that makes you happy in life. It helps you enjoy the good things and good times that come your way, and keep them close when fortunes change. 

Never forget that you are important. When things become more than you want to handle, take a break and give yourself some love. It's going to make a difference not just now, but down the road, too.