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December 20, 2021  |  Alcohol, Alcoholic, Christmas stress
drinking responsibly

Think and Drink Wisely this Holiday Season

With holiday parties in full swing, people are enjoying the spirit of the holidays at work parties and gatherings at homes across our two counties. All around us, the joy of giving gifts and smiles is rampant!

But along with the fun comes responsibility. While the rest of the year is no different, it seems like there's so much more attention given to sharing cheer through drinking alcohol. It's not just liquor - it's ANYTHING containing alcohol, from beer to wine to cocktails. That means we need to be aware of our drinking and work to minimize problems that can come from having a bit too much.

Which means this: Know your limits and work to minmize your indulgences at holiday parties. There are some things you can consider doing to help. like these:

  1. Know what a "standard drink" is. It's different depending on whether it's beer (12 fluid ounces) or table wine (5 fluid ounces) or 1.5 fluid ounce 80-proof spirits drink.
  2. Add something non-alcoholic between drinks. You might eat some food or drink water, juice, or some other non-alcoholic drink.
  3. Eat a full meal before going out. 
  4. Know when to say "no". You can decide, for example, that you won't drink more than two drinks that evening. After your second, use a polite but firm "no" to any offers for another.

You can still have a good time and enjoy friends and family - no limits there! Just use good judgement to help yourself or a friend or loved one who needs it. 

Have a fantastic, healthy and happy holiday season!