Spring Cleaning for Your Well-Being

March 13, 2024  |  coping, mental health, well-being
Get outside to refresh

Spring Cleaning for Your Well-Being: 5 Ways to Refresh Your Outlook

As spring arrives, tidying up your living space and clearing out the clutter of the winter months can greatly improve your outlook and mood. Even cleaning a small area can give you a rush of satisfaction.

While the physical act of cleaning can help reduce stress and anxiety, taking some time to pause and enjoy the warm sun and fresh air is also beneficial.

Read on for tips to help you refresh your outlook this spring:

#1: Get Outside

Enjoying the calm and soothing environment of a walk in the woods or park can brighten your mood. Watching squirrels, birds, or other animals can also help relax your mind and body.

 #2: Talk to Someone

Getting outside after a winter indoors can also provide an opportunity to meet new people. A friendly chat with a neighbor or sharing a moment on a park bench with a new friend can offer a few laughs and new interactions to look forward to.

 #3: Think Positively

Even a rainy spring day can be enjoyed from a porch or under an umbrella with some colorful rubber boots. Look for opportunities to celebrate change and growth, from new sprouting flowers to budding trees and birds building nests.

 #4: Write in a Journal

Writing about the sights and sounds of spring offers a way to capture enjoyable moments to review later. Making note of when flowers bloom and fun conversations you had with new acquaintances helps you create stronger memories of pleasant times.

 #5: Plant Something

Creating a small garden or just planting a few flower seeds in a pot provides an ongoing spring adventure. Seeing new seeds sprout and grow offers a small daily milestone to observe and opportunities for watering and caretaking.

 Find Help, Find Hope This Spring!

Sometimes, the changing seasons can be difficult. If you’ve been feeling lonely, disconnected, depressed, or just “not yourself” for two weeks or more, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

The Mental Health Recovery Board serving Warren and Clinton Counties is your starting point for help, here to connect you with local support and resources. Our Crisis Line is also available for support 24/7 — just call 877-695-6333.