statement on racism and trauma

June 11, 2020  |  civil unrest, racism, Trauma
Racism Trauma

On June 10th, the MHRBWCC Board of Directors approved the following public statement on trauma concerns connected to recent unrest around racism:


It has been a difficult couple of months for our region and our country with the COVID-19 crisis and now another traumatizing event involving the death of Mr. George Floyd, that has created civil unrest.


These events have sparked trauma in many lives and have had impact on the mental health of our citizens. Such occurrences can trigger PTSD-like trauma, a heightened sense of anxiety created by environmental factors related to personal, social or community factors.


As a mental health board, it is our job to ensure that those in our communities who are dealing with trauma and other mental health concerns have the resources and support they need to recover and live full, productive lives. In delivering these services, we support equality and the betterment of the human condition. Our funded services exist to help our community better value and care for people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations and identities, genders, and religions.


MHRB’s work includes collaboration with other community stakeholders to build relationships and strengthen bonds with the communities in which they work. That aim is to better understand and de-escalate the fears of individuals living with trauma, as well as with mental illness and addiction concerns. MHRB will continue to strive for inclusiveness in care and a working dialogue that enhances the understanding of lived experience. In doing so, we aim to grow into better people and a better community."