Text or Call, Someone's Ready to Listen

friends care and help prevent suicide

It was a rough week last week. We lost two great talents - one from the fashion world, the other from the culinary arts.

Yet, the deaths by suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have - if anything good is to come of them - have opened eyes and hearts to the secret pain that some of us are living with on a daily basis. Masks get put into place and all looks fine to most others on the outside, but the pain is lurking just under the surface.

For all of us, it means a couple of things. One, anyone who is feeling that the world would be better without them - and that can be a lot of people - please, reach out and tell someone what you are feeling. If you don\'t have a trusted friend (or adult if you\'re a student), call or text the local hotline. For those living in Warren or Clinton Counties, that number is 877-695-6333. Or you can text "4hope" to 741741. 

There\'s also the national suicide prevention hotline - 800-273-8255.

Two, it also means we need to be more cognizant of any sign of potential suicide. Know what those warning signs are - verbal threats of "being better off" without them, expressions of hopelessness, risk-taking behaviors and others. Be ready to listen, and reach out - even if you have the slightest inkling that something is wrong.

Once the imminent danger has passed, help your friend or family member find help. Take a look at our Partners page for local agencies and phone numbers.

Everyone matters. Your life matters. You have purpose. Let\'s do all we can to help one another.