Three Options for Taking Charge of Your Holiday Mental Health

So you\'re ready for the holidays. The tree is trimmed, the gifts are bought and wrapped, and the holiday dinner is planned, bought and ready for cooking.

All feels great - except that it doesn\'t, for some reason.

Not that everyone experiences things this way. For most, the holidays do bring joy and fun with family and friends. From the lights of Hanukkah to the carols of Christmas, the smiles and memories that are created bring great cheer and smiles.

But it can also be a tough time of year for some. Maybe traumas of the past are relived, or we spend our time wishing we could see a loved one who passed away. Sometimes the blues get hold of us during the holidays - and they don\'t seem to want to let go.

But you can do a few things to take charge of your feelings this season and into the new year. Here are a few practical things to think about if you find yourself feeling meancholy:

Make sure you get enough sleep. Prioritize caring for yourself and your sleep. A lack of it can make everything harder - eating right, talking with friends and family, to name a few.

Volunteer. Getting out and giving a hand to others doesn\'t just bring feelings of good cheer. It\'s also been shown to reduce stress and increase your mental and physical well-being. Many organizations are looking for help this time of year, too.

Learn something new. When it comes to mental health issues, knowledge is power. Learning gives you tools to manage a mental health issue. Give us a call or check out our Partners page to learn where you can get more information.

There are lots of options to for help. Reach out to friends, family and neighbors for a listening ear. And if you need us, we\'re right here to offer a few tips and options for seeking help from a counselor. We want you to enjoy the holidays and every day of the new year to come.