Vaping: Whqt's the Big Deal?


More and more, teens across the country are using vaping products. And, according to some medical professionals, those teens are paying a price with breathing problems and oxygen use to help with the after-effects of vapes.

A recent survey found that 2.5 million American kids are using vaping products, and many of them do so without regard to the potential problems that vaping can cause: harm to the developing brain, increased risk of using other drugs in the future, and association with depression are just a few that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite.

How can parents and adults help in the conversation with the teens in their lives? Join the prevention team from Talbert House's Warren and Clinton County program for a discussion about this topic on Tuesday, April 18th at the Kingswood Park Activity Center in Deerfield Township. All are welcome to the 5:30pm event to hear thoughts and talk more about teens and vaping, and the consequences of it.

Learn more at the Deerfield Township Parks and Recreation webpage.