What's Your Brave?

Not long ago, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed (hey ... it can be a bad habit sometimes, but it's ALWAYS informative!) and came across one of those suggested posts. Most people probably just scroll right past those things, but this one caught my eye.

A group called "This is My Brave" had shared it. The story was about why people have been in counseling, and how there is no shame in seeking help. Lots of people do it.

"Amen!" I thought as I read through the story. But then it hit me - the cold truth. I was just reading the story. What was I doing to help others know it's OK for them to seek out help? I could retweet the link, sure ... but that didn't seem to be enough.

Luckily, I'm in a position to work on that. Together with my colleagues at Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties, and alongside those we work with at our partner organizations, we work to help people know there is no shame in seeking help. There are lots of reasons people of all ages do: dealing with divorce or other marital issues; medical diagnoses; anxiousness about school or work life - the list goes on and on.

But the benefits can be the most wonderful part. People feel empowered again, ready to face the problems and solve them. They find hope in moving forward, beyond the issues they feel. They gain life skills and coping skills to handle the triggers they discover may lead to their feelings.

There's no shame in asking for help. We all need it from time to time on lots of things from putting something together to baking or cooking something and more. Don't forget that your inner self can sometimes use a helping hand, too. Ours is here for you.

Just reach for it.