What's Your self-care

March 14, 2023  |  Coping, downtime, mental health, self-care

I'll admit it. My go-to thing to "get away" from my desk - even for a minute - is meditation.

I like the relaxation benefit, and I like that I can shut out the day's "noise" - both literally and figuratively! Who doesn't like a little escape from the screen and other peoiple for a little bit sometimes?

We all need that time away from the grind of work no matter whether it's at a workplace or at home (because caring for home and others living there is work, too!). Not everyone takes the time, though, and that's not good. Taking breaks, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is imporant for well-being. Your brain needs a periodic rest, they say.

And it's not just to relax or release tension. Research shows that breaks in your day can improve mood and even boost performance. You might even concentrate better or pay attention longer!

So shut the door for a few minutes sometime and let your brain relax. you may see things in a whole new way afterward!