Blog Entries - 2016

A Pill's All It Takes- and Other Mental Health Treatment Myths

Back in the day, Hollywood’s view of mental health counseling looked pretty simple. Movies and TV shows that showed any portrayal of counseling showed the person lying on a couch and facing away from the

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September is Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month, a time when organizations around the globe stop to consider the toll suicide takes and how we can all work together to prevent it. Whenever there is a suicide, survivors are left

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When Everything Makes You Mad

If you are someone who is mad all the time or gets annoyed very easily, or know someone who is, it can be hard to believe that those feelings can indicate depression. However, they often do. Sometimes it is called

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Is Your Child Moody or Depressed?

It’s certainly easy for parents to assume that most adolescent outbursts are the results of hormonal changes, stress, and a changing brain. It might even be tied to anxiety around going back to school. How can you

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Perspectives on PTSD

According to a CNN post, the man who shot and killed three Baton Rouge police officers last week suffered from PTSD. A former Marine, he had reportedly told that to friends and relatives before the

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Let's Help Each Other in Times of Crisis

After the past few days of deadly shootings in America, it's clear there are no easy or quick answers right now to the many questions people have on their lips and on their minds. It's likely going to take some time for

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